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Venkateshwara General Trading FZE is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of petroleum specialty products. We have consistently providing quality services We have an infrastructure, with state-of-the-art technology and storing capacities. Take a comprehensive look at all our products and services on the site.

The products which are being supplied by the company is Diesel, Fuel & Gas Oil, Lubricating oil, all type of petroleum & petrochemicals. The following products are also handled by us.

We supply antistatic coning oils for texturing synthetic yarn such as viscose, acetate rayon, nylon and polyester. We can supply oils of different viscosities ranging from 70 to 160 SUS at 37oC depending on the buyer's requirements. Our antistatic coning oil has very good colour stability and when cones of yarn are stored for a long period of time, the original colour is maintained. Advantages of Antistatic Coning Oil: It has antistatic activity and excellent pick-up quality, as high as 3% to 5% on wt. of yarn. Antistatic coning oil gives a considerable reduction in chemical Splashing in high speed machines, thus reducing chemical wastage and chemical cost. Antistatic coning oil is highly effective in improving antistatic properties reduces the concomitant friction.

Panoil C 160-P are Paraffinic type Rubber Processing / Extender Oils formulated from highly refined solvent extracted base stocks of low sulphur content. These oils are used in the manufacture of butyl tubes and a variety of technical moulded and extruded products based on polar rubbers like EPM & EPDM etc. They are suitable in the manufacture of light coloured products and have good thermal stability. These Oils because of its high paraffinic content and viscosity is preferred for achieving high retention of properties after ageing and higher loading of oil. Its application includes heat resistant conveyor belts and steam hoses.

Our Jellies are available in a variety of colours and consistencies.In the cosmetics industry, it is mainly used as as a base material and to increase consistency. The effect of jelly in the formulations of cosmetic products is chiefly due to its highly lipophilic character. Petrolatum is used as a masking ointment, as a vehicle system for peripheral active substances, and as a base for hydrophilic systems containing emulsifiers. Petroleum Jellies add lubricity and moisture resistance to lotions, creams, ointments, and hand cleaners.

Uses White petrolatum has a wide range of uses. It is a constituent of many products, including barrier creams, hand cleansing pastes, body lotions, hair care products, hand and skin creams, lip-care sticks and foot creams. In milking grease formulations the proportion of petroleum jelly may even be as high as 100%. The most important properties of petrolatum which include melting point, consistency, fiber length and color are controlled to close tolerances by using carefully selected raw materials and the most advanced methods of manufacturing.

The fiber length of these grades is medium to long which is the most desirable for pharmaceutical and cosmetics use.

Some Key Properties and Effects of Petrolatum: Impermeable, airtight and waterproof, resulting in a good local circulation, hydration and swelling of the stratum corneum (horny layer) Improved absorption of the active substance from the base. We also export pharmaceutical jelly and vaseline in consumer packs.

In dermatological preparations like ointments and creams, for instance, petroleum jelly is a key ingredient. It adds lubricity and moisture resistance to lotions, creams, ointments, and hand cleaners. Petroleum jelly is extremely lipophilic in temperament; this is one of the main reasons behind its effect on the formulations of cosmetics. But, stating only one of its many uses would be very superficial. Given that petroleum jelly regulates consistency, it is a popular base material for various products manufactured in the pharmaceutical industry.

Some main applications of petroleum jelly:
1. Masking ointment.
2. Vehicle system for peripheral active substances.
3. Base for hydrophilic systems containing emulsifiers.

The petroleum jellies manufactured by Panama Petrochem are of various types, and available in various colours and consistencies, as per the requirement and specifications of our clients.

Some Key Properties and Effects of Petroleum Jelly:
1. Highly occlusive
2. Lipophilic
3. Serves as a medium for pharmaceutical APIs.

Applications of white petroleum jelly:
White petroleum jelly has a wide range of uses. It is a central component of many products like barrier creams, hand cleansing pastes, body lotions, hair care products, hand and skin creams, lip-care sticks and foot creams, to name a few. White petroleum jelly is abundantly used in dermatological preparations and it is here that its rheological nature clearly shows. Panama Petrochem employs state-of-the-art methods of product manufacturing, and the raw materials for every product are vigilantly chosen. This practice helps us regulate the most vital properties of petrolatum like its melting point, consistency, color and fiber length. The fiber length of these grades, is between medium and long, thereby making them extremely advantageous to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.